Other Writings

In 1990 Gary presented a paper at the Melbourne APS annual conference that required particular introduction because of itself it appeared to be advocating highly unethical, deliberately ineffective therapeutic methods. Called ‘Maintaining a Caseload’, the paper described 13 assessment, treatment, and termination rules to follow to ensure one’s interventions are not so effective as to diminish one’s caseload and hence threaten one’s income! The intent of the paper was to examine the negative face validity of some tactics so as to suggest what we ought to avoid in our treatments. That is, if we were to attempt to be ineffective (so as to require clients to keep coming along), but in a way that  was not so obvious as to raise suspicion, then how would we go about it? What may we be doing now that we should know is not working?

Click here for the original transcript: MaintainingACaseload

When question time followed, a man asked whether the same critical approach could be taken in support of psychoanalytic techniques (noting that the 13 rules outlined seemed highly pro-CBT). Gary answered “Probably not.”

In 1988 acute psychiatric services in Launceston were about to move from the Lindsay Miller Clinic in Mulgrave Street to Ward 1E within the Launceston General Hospital. Gary left to commence private practice just before the move, but penned the following poem before his escape: 1E Poem

Also penned in 1987/88 (and referring to DSM-III !):
Is Santa mentally ill? If so, what is his diagnosis?: AXmasPresentation