Practical CBT (Editions 2008 and 2021)


Practical CBT: Using Functional Analysis, Problem-Maintaining-Circles, and Standardised Homework in Everyday Therapy

Practical CBT outlines a cognitive behavioural therapy model simple enough to share with clients in under a session, and which also links assessment with case formulation and with subsequent treatment choices. Thus, explanation and motivation for homework compliance are maximised. The book then provides explicit assessment-to-treatment pathways with links to over 45 tried and tested ready-to-use homework scripts covering a range of common therapy issues including depression, anxiety, and anger problems, and self-esteem and sleep issues.

Australian Academic Press






Practical CBT: Using Transdiagnostic Case Formulations and Therapies Based on Problem-Maintaining Circles

In this new expanded edition, PMC theory as an alternative to medical model diagnosis and prescription is further outlined. Subsequent treatment options, presented again in the form of verbatim scripts, are provided for problems not covered in Practical CBT (2008), such as relationship problems, obsessive compulsive disorder, sexual problems, eating disorders, chronic pain, and substance abuse or dependence.