Gary Bakker BA(Hons) MPsych MAPS MAACBT is a clinical psychologist recently retired from clinical practice, but is still writing books and articles, and offering seminars and workshops.

nonameHe has practised, taught, published, and supervised in clinical psychology for over 40 years.

Gary used mainly a very active, homework-rich style of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) based on an evidence-based model he has developed, focusing on the breaking of psychological-level ‘problem-maintaining circles’ (PMCs) of causes. He has dubbed this conception of clinical psychological problems (CPPs) ‘PMC Theory’.

He is currently compiling a new comprehensive taxonomy of PMCs to assist in the psychological-level case formulation of all CPPs, much as the DSM is psychiatry’s manual for diagnosis within the medical model.

Gary has also been actively involved with Australian Skeptics, having published and presented at conventions many times. He is a SHARP – a Skeptic, Humanist, Atheist, Rationalist, and Positivist.